McDonald’s Calls Their FRIED Chicken “Crispy”To save money and time (great reasons, huh?), I too often eat at fast food restaurants. I think that Wendy’s is probably the best in terms of nutritional value for the money, since they allow customers to choose a side item OTHER than French Fries as part of their Combo Meals (combo meal = sandwich, side item and beverage).

McDonald’s refers to their “meal deals” as Value Meals. McDonald’s does not allow substitution(s) for side items — French Fries are a must for the side item. I’m told that despite how delicious they are, French Fries have virtually NO nutritional value. At McDonald’s they also usually come OVER-salted. And did I mention something about their fat content?

Here’s hoping that McDonald’s, Arby’s and all other combo-meal-serving fast food joints will follow Wendy’s lead and allow for something OTHER than French Fries to be selected as a side item. Until that wonderful day when such a choice is offered by McDonald’s, I have (at least) two other complaints about McDonald’s cuisine…

1) Let’s call “fried” food “fried”, OK? Have you noticed that their various chicken sandwiches and Snack Wraps come in two varieties: grilled and crispy.  “Crispy” is THE SAME as “fried”. I challenge McDoanld’s to have the integrity to respect their customers by using the word “fried” — despite all the bad press that word gets these days! (SIDE NOTE: Did you know the reason that Kentucky Fried Chicken shortened it’s name back in the 1990’s to  “KFC”? Because of all the bad press in heart disease that FRIED food was getting! So we can still eat FRIED food, but dare not speak the name “fried” and it makes it all OK? Sounds like spin to moi!)

2) Have you ever ordered one of these “grilled” items (perhaps as a way to reduce your intake of FAT)? If so, you might have noticed like I have that McDonald’s employees LARD IT UP with maynaise!!! What’s the point it having your item “grilled” (to reduce fat) just to turn around and smack MULTIPLE ounces of fat-laden mayonaise on your sandwich or wrap? Kinda’ defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? At least they could offer reduced fat or fat-free mayonaise!

On a more McPositive note…I did (past tense) enjoy partaking of McDonald’s Southwest Salads this past summer. They came with a choice of either “grilled” or “crispy” chicken (That’s FRIED chicken!!!). I’m sad to report that now that fall has arrived, this healthier item is no longer McAvailable. The Southwest Salad has come up missing just in time for the McRib to make a brief return.