“An addict alone is in a bad neighborhood.” — something I’ve heard over the years at the meetings of Narcotics Anonymous

Repeated efforts by me to be the “Lone Ranger of Recovery” failed miserably. So, as I shared in my introductory entry, I approach my recovery journey with LOTS of support from others. Among those who’s guidance I seek: God, fellow addicts (of all sorts), the collective wisdom of Weight Watchers, my primary care physician, a dietician, a physical therapist and other professionals as needed.

When I think I have “all the answers” then I can expect relapse into active food addiction, which always includes weight re-gain.

When I get resentful toward others (Resentment being the #1 cause for relapse) and don’t want their advice (let alone fellowship) any more, I can count on going into relapse and re-gaining some (or all) of the weight I’ve previously lost.

Together We Can Do What We Could Never Do Alone

Just for today I stay “plugged into” all of the support I can find! The friendship and wisdom of others makes my journey much easier (“Together we can do what we could never do alone!” — an observation from a co-founder of Overeaters Anonymous).

While most of the professionals I deal with are “earth people” (that is, they don’t share my addiction), even they can (and have repeatedly) taught me much about how to eat and exercise sanely, one day at a time.

So when (as I did in my most recent entry) issue a warning about addicts who act as if they are dieticians and/or exercise physiologists when it comes to pontificating to fellow addicts, I wanted to remind myself that I’m NOT MY own health care (let alone any other kind of) professional. Indeed I know just enough about nutrition and exercise to be dangerous (to myself and other addicts). Hopefully this new-found humility will carry over to my work with fellow addicts.

A wise addict once observed that “humility” is NOT the same thing as “humiliation” — humility is merely “the willingness to be equal”. Along with “being equal”, humility also makes it easier for me to be honest, openminded and willing to take directions (even when I don’t feel like taking them).