I’m an addict — excessive amounts of food and avoidance of physical exercise are my “drugs of choice” — and my problem is Dave!

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Tow Truck

Back on Thursday, December 13 (yes the “13th” — and I’m NOT usually supersticious, btw) my car started leaking gasoline. Gasoline managed to get into the motor oil and my mechanic informed me that the engine of my 1986 (yes, 1986) Oldsmobile Cutlass station wagon is ruined!

As I was waiting for a cab the evening that my car broke down, I recalled an unfortunately oh-so-true saying I first heard many years ago in the rooms of Overeaters Anonymous: “When ‘normal’ people have car trouble, they call a mechanic. When we food addicts have car trouble (or anything else stressful going on) we call our local 24 hour crisis hotline (or at least some restaurant that DELIVERS!!!).”

I always feel “STRESS!!!” when I have car trouble. The sensation that my surroundings are “out of control” isn’t whatcha’ call “pleasant”! To prove that a “logical connection” exists between stress and overeating, consider that “stressed” spelled backwards spells “DESSERT”! 🙂

Nearly two weeks after my car crapped out, I’m still driving a rental (can we say this is getting a little bit EXPENSIVE!!!) as I continue to search for another used vehicle.  I’m still “stressed”, but thankfully NOT overeating in response to the feelings.

Despite my nearly 80 pound weight loss, I’m still too obese to comfortably fit behind the steering wheels of most sedans (which is is embarraassing to say the least). So SUV’s and full size pick-up trucks appear to be my best options for my next vehicle. I have a couple of possibilities (my offer was accepted for a 1995 Ford SUV and — shock!!! — my credit appication has been APPROVED by a local used car dealer.

What’s my solution to worry/fear/stress? An “Al-Anonism” seems to apply here: “Why pray when you can worry?  Why worry when you can pray?” Or, as a sign I saw in a priest’s office many years ago said, “Worry less. Pray more.”

As if I didn’t already have enough excellent reasons to work toward weight loss, another logical reason for me is to loose more weight is that it makes finding an appropriately-sized car much easier! <blush>