Jared FogleY’all know who Jared Fogle is, right?  Jared, pictured at right holding his pair of “before” jeans, is the guy who lost 235 pounds while eating Subway (submarine) sandwiches EVERY day (while he was losing weight). Rumor has it that that he is STILL eating Subway sandwiches on a regular basis, while maintaining his ideal weight!

Jared not only achieved his weight loss goal, but he has been at his goal weight for just over nine years. He has been CONSISTENTLY 
losing/maintaining his weight for over TEN years!

It is widely known that Jared has been eating BREAD virtually EVERY day of his inspiring weight loss journey (GASP!!!). The “bread” Jared has been eating is the BUN that comes with each Subway submarine sandwich he consumes. Those BUNS contain several ingredients, including SUGAR AND FLOUR!!! <I think I just heard the sound of a H.O.W. food plan devotee just passing out from shock — and/or carbohydrate deprivation!>

My point to this rant? Well, other than to salute Jared on his impressive success, I wanted to point out that at least some of us food addicts CAN eat bread (e.g., CAN eat sugar and flour) and still remain in recovery — not to mention achieve long-term recovery.

With Jared having been some 235 pounds over his ideal weight, would you not agree that he probably/likely qualifies as a food addict? If not at 235 pounds overweight, then at what degree of obesity would you consider him to likely be a food addict (given that he has no known health problem(s) that would cause him to be morbidly obese)?

So the next time some devotee of one of those UNbalanced, INsane and rigid “no sugar, no flour” diets (they may call them a “food plan”, but honey those things ARE a “diet” in the worst way!) tries to tell you that you MUST avoid ALL sugar and flour or you can’t/wont be successful in your recovery journey, feel free to point out that at least some food addicts (e.g., Jared Fogle) ARE long-term successful WHILE STILL EATING sugar and flour.

Maybe some folks really have to avoid ALL sugar and flour (that is their choice — even if they can’t find a doctor or dietician to sign off on it due to the increased risk of health problems caused by low-carbohydrate diets)…but their choice does NOT have to be yours or mine…and your success does not have to come while attempting to follow a CraZy diet that is based on (at best) highly controversial scientific theories.

I probably should mention that ALL carbohydrates break down into SUGAR in our bodies!!! So NOT “ALL sugar” is bad or (in one sense) is any indivudal TOTALLY sugar free IF they eat ANY amount of carbohydrates. 😀

I’ve found that “ALL food is just food” — an INantimate object. It does NOT magically force me to eat it. Sure, I crave and enjoy some foods more than others. But I don’t have to give any food I like some sort of magical power. I work the 12 Steps and work on other aspects of my reovery (One Day At A Time) so NO food (not even sugar and flour) scares me like they do some carbohydrate-phobic addicts.

BTW, Jared is not the only food addict who has achieved and maintained a significant weight loss while eating sugar and flour! Just view the Subway corporate website and you’ll find LOTS of “friends of Jared” who eat sugar and flour while achieving tremendous physical recovery.