A1CI am pleased to report that my latest A1C test result is 6.5.  Three months ago my A1C level was 7.3. The A1C goal for most people with diabetes is less than 7.0. So my newest AIC level IS something that I’m very pleased with!

The A1C blood test is not the same as the testing that most diabetics do on themselves on a regular basis with the help of a glucose meter and test strips. Glucose meter testing tells you what your blood sugar is doing NOW, while the A1C test measures your average blood sugar level for the past three months

The A1C test is believed to be the best blood test for us diabetics since it can show our health care team how well one’s treatment plan is working over time. For nearly all diabetics, our “treatment plan” includes following a nutritionally-sane food plan (How do I follow my food plan? Just One Day, One Food Choice and One Meal At A Time, of course!).

It is believed that a high A1C result (e.g., 7.0 or higher) increases the chance for serious diabetes-related health problems to develop (e.g, blindness, kidney disease, nerve damage, etc.). So lowering my A1C level — by any amount— can improve my chances of staying healthy.

Can you believe that I’m actually EATING CARBOHYDRATES and keeping my diabetes well under control AND losing weight!!! <I think I just heard the voice of a carbohydrate hater threatening to beat up my endocrinologist if she ever again dares to test my A1C level!!!>

As always, the TRUTH will defeat those who promote fear and loathing of carbohydrates — even the “dreaded” substances known as sugar and flour! And to think my diabetes-smart dietician actually ENCOURAGES me to eat carbohydrates (285 grams of carbs, to be exact) EVERY day!