And now a blog entry that might remind y’all of my previous gem titled, What Part of “HAMburger” Don’t They Understand?”

Now This Is What I Call SUPER-Sized!!!

Some food addicts choose to completely abstain from caffeine, One Day At A Time. More power to those good folks!

My truth is that I feel best when I limit my caffeine to no more than two small servings per day. “Small” means 16 oz. or less of Diet Coke, tea or some other caffinated beverage. This is what works best for me, ODAAT. This approach is based on the fact that I’m NOT trying to be “perfect”, and instead am working at being “gentle” and “moderate” in most aspects of my recovery process. Oh how hard it can be some days to be a “Recovering Program Fundamentist”! <blush>

Well wouldn’t you know it, but fast food mega-giant McDonald’s is being ubberly-generous with it’s customers this month by offering ALL soft drinks in ALL SIZES for just $1.00. So no matter how many times I specify that I ONLY want a SMALL size Diet Coke their dear employees try to insist on giving me the SUPER-SIZED version of my beverage-of-choice! What part of “small” don’t they understand?

You probably wouldn’t believe the looks and comments I’ve had to endure the past couple of weeks when attempting to set a boundary (which is my right to) regarding the size of the Diet Coke I want to purchase. Thanks, but NO thanks! “Small” works best for me, Just For Today!

Could McDonald’s seemingly “wonderful generousity” of one price for all sizes of soft drinks be a way of encouraging sugar and/or caffeine addiction? Probably. <shocked look> But that’s McDonald’s issue to live and deal with.

My issue is to 1) set and then 2) respect my boundaries regarding all sorts of things — including the serving size of the caffienated drinks I put in my body.