Ya' Just Gotta' Love Those SUPERSIZED Veggieburgers...with CHEESE!!!

Ya' Just Gotta' Love Those SUPERSIZED Veggieburgers...with CHEESE!!!

I should have known that it would happen sooner or later! Sure enough, during a recent visit to the drive-thru lane at a local Burger King restaurant the employee waiting on me asked if I “wanted cheese” on my VEGGIEBURGER! When does the suggestive selling stop?!? Calgon, take me away!!!

As mentioned elsewhere on OveractiveFork, I have little patience for suggestive selling!!! I find it rude, disrespectful and have observed that it reduces the chance that my order will be correctly prepared.

Please note that I am NOT a “cheese-phobic” individual! Indeed, I eat at least two slices of cheese every day. The issue here is one of getting ripped off by greedy fast food restaurants that charge almost as much for just ONE SLICE of cheese that I can pay for a WHOLE PACKAGE of it at the grocery store (OK, that was just a slight exageration). The point is that if I wanted cheese on my sandwich (hamburger, veggieburger or otherwise) I sure would NOT pay an outrageous sum of upwards of 50 cents for JUST ONE SLICE of cheese!!! If I wanted cheese on my veggieburger I’d take the cheese from home and add it myself.

Thankfully, I did not go postal when asked if I wanted cheese on my veggieburger. It just struck me being strange, especially if I were a vegetarian — since some of those folks don’t eat dairy products (and cheese IS a dairy product). Nothing against ’em, but I’m NOT a vegetarian.

I don’t think I’m being odd just because I like the option of occasionally choosing something healthier than a traditional hamburger when dining at a fast food restauarnt (hence the selection of a cheese-free veggieburger). I’m wating for some fast food employee to ask me if I would “like cheese” in my Diet Coke! <eyes rolling>

Why is it that fast food restaurants take an otherwise healthy sandwich like a veggieburger and ADD 5 POUND OF MAYONAISE on top of it?!? Kind of DEFEATS choosing a veggieburger over a hamburger, doesn’t it?!? Oh wait, why wouldn’t they since these geniuses do the same thing to veggieburgers that they do to GRILLED chicken sandwiches?!? What was I thinking of? <blush>

Oh yeah, why not add a big slab of BACON to that veggieburger for an extra 50 cents?!?