As indicated in my most recent journal entry, One Bite Fellowship (OBF) has a new website address. My hope is that the the new name and (future) content I’m currently working on for will help to sharpen the focus for my Internet-based support network for male food addicts. As mentioned previously, OBF began as One BYte At A Time (OBAAT), an e-mail group, in the fall of 1996. Is The *NEW* Online Address For One Bite Fellowship Is The *NEW* Online Address For One Bite Fellowship

I know that many men (and women) identify themselves as “compulsive overeaters” or “compulsive eaters”, in the tradition begun by Overeaters Anonymous and duplicated by at least one other 12 Step fellowship. I find these labels to be too blurry, indeed too touchy-feely, to adequately describe my INsane relationship with food.

While “food addiction” surely involves “compulisve” behaviors, but it doesn’t name the issue at hand: addiction. I’m an addict and my drug of choice is (excessive) food intake. Along with food, I’m equally addicted to avoiding physical exercise. So my recovery journey requires that I face the double-sided addiction of food addiction and exercise avoidance. This is my perspective, yours may be different.

For the purposes of One Bite Fellowship, our primary focus is food addiction and (as each member chooses) can focus on other lifestlye issues (including the role of physical exercise in recovery).

Lots of new content will be added to by early next week (Monday, 8/25/08).