I don’t like to give public feedback to what folks publicly write in response to my blog. I’d rather respond privately for fear of embarrassing anyone. But embarrass or not, I just gotta’ respond to the dear lady who shared about being part of Compulsive Eaters Anonymous – H.O.W. fellowship (her comments are posted elsewhere on OveractiveFork) and trying to avoid foods with refined carbohydrates (as is required by this and some other 12 Step groups that deal with food addiction).

We Don't Need Judgmental 12 Steppers Any More Than We Need Judgmental "Earth People"

"People Who Judge Don't Matter. People Who Matter Don't Judge."

First, I beg you to GET AWAY FROM (and get away from) AS FAST AS YOU CAN) any 12 Step group that would attempt to dictate your food plan!!! This should ONLY be done by a health care professional and NEVER done by a fellow addict, a groups of fellow addicts or even a whole fellowship of fellow addicts!!!

When it comes to 12 Step groups that demand you ONLY share “positive thoughts”? What a crock! In authentic 12 Step recovery we get honest about/face/embrace and then release our pain and suffering. Sharing ONLY “positive” things in meetings is NOT being REAL about the anguish that our disease causes us! The reality is that many moments during our recovery process will be less than “positive”! Authentic recovery requires CHANGE and change can be PAINFUL (though it is usually far LESS painful than our addiction).

We abused ourselves enough through acting out our food addiction (and for some of us, also through acting out our exercise avoidance addiction). I do not need any 12 Step group (or group member[s]) to abuse me anymore than I’ve already abused myself!  IMHO, these carbohydrate-phobic groups (and the individuals who can’t seem to find recovery without them) are DANGEROUS to our wellbeing. They are BAD news, through and through!

I could go on and on about the dangers of these groups and the harm that their approach to recovery poses to those who adhere to their brand of insanity. But to “cut to the chase”, let me just say that if you can’t find someone in one of these groups that has long-lasting recovery (e.g., two years or more of consecutive recovery), that alone should serve as a testimony to the FACT that what they offer is bogus, toxic and totally BAD news!

My experience around these carb-phobic folks is that it is rare to find anyone who has more than three to six months continuous recovery in these groups. You might find some impressive weight loss among some of these individuals, but the majority maintain any weiight loss for only a short amount of time — just like we experienced with dieting.  I don’t know about you, but I’m wanting a substantially BETTER result than I had with dieting!  Dieting is NO way to have to live.