Wine OR Urine? Only NASA & Anti-Carb Food Nutjobs Know For Sure!

Wine OR Urine? Only NASA Scientists and Anti-Carb Nut Jobs Know For Sure!

With this journal entry, I will discuss two similar, yet somewhat different topics. Both have to do with urine. Consider yourself warned! 😀

Truly I have heard many wonderful and inspiring things at Overeaters Anonymous (OA) meetings over the years. OA, in many ways, is a wonderful fellowship. So what I’m about to share should be filtered with the understanding that while I may have problems with things spoken by individual OA members, in no way am I putting down the central OA message of recovery, let alone the OA fellowship as a whole.

Back in 1990, soon after I moved to Louisville, Kentucky, I heard a long-time OA member include the following odd remark when she introduced herself to those attending a weekend workshop, “My body works like a still: When I eat sugar and flour it’s converted into alcohol.”  Being the sarcastic individual I am known to be at times, it was all I could do to resist responding, “So are you going to bottle your urine as a new form of Lite Beer?!?”

Instead of mouthing a response to this “sugar + flour = alcohol” idiocy, I just laughed to myself and rolled my eyes over yet another assinine comment from a carbohyrdrate-phobic member of the OA fellowship.  While OA is NOT officially anti-carbohydrate (let along carb-phobic), unfortunately I’ve found many of their members are anti-carb in the extreme.

So here some 18 years after hearing the “body = still” equation spoken at an OA meeting, earlier today I read in a legitimate news story (NOT a parody, this is LEGIT!) that claimed our own space shuttle astronauts (yes, NASA astronauts) are en-route this weekend to deliver to the International Space Station a $250 million “wastewater recycling” gizmo that is supposed to CONVERT URINE (and other liquids) INTO WATER SUITABLE FOR DRINKING!!!

“We did blind taste tests of the water,” said NASA’s Bob Bagdigian, the system’s lead engineer. “Nobody had any strong objections. Other than a faint taste of iodine, it is just as refreshing as any other kind of water.” “I’ve got some in my fridge,” he added. “It tastes fine to me.”

In a word: YECH!!! What I want to know is will — at long last — our OA carb-phobic friends have a device to legitimately convert their sugar-and-flour based urine-turned-alcohol into a SAFE alcoholic beverage? Think of the money they could make! 😀

Just think, if carbs actually create WINE, the late Orson Welles could have intoned, “I will drink no URINE before it’s time!”

And now onto a related but somewhat different topic…

You may not be able to identify with this, but I know that many food addicts CAN identify with the strange obsession that I have for weighing myself at the lowest weight possible…even if that means making an unplanned trip to the rest room!

Yes friends, at Weight Watchers weigh-ins I have frequently requested to be weighed TWICE: the first time with a full bladder and the second time with an EMPTY BLADDER.  And yes, I must indeed have a massive bladder since my “pre-pee” and “post-pee” weights can vary as much as 1 1/2 pounds!!!

As if my bladder is the source of my obesity.  It isn’t.

And yes, I always insist on weighing-in “post poop” and with ALL pockets empty and withOUT my shoes on!  Apologies: I know the “post poop” mention was “too much informtion on a need to know basis”…and you didn’t need to know. But hey, we’re just as sick as my worst secrets. And at least now I’ve “dumped” my “post poop” secret.

Wow!!! I suddenly feel five pounds lighter! 😀

What secrets would you care to dump?