Do let you "sophistication" get in the way of your recovery! This "simple" ONE DAY AT A TIME concept DOES work, when you work it!

Don't let your "sophistication" and "intelligence" get in the way of understanding (and using) this simple One Day At A Time concept!

So how did you do with your food intake on Thanksgiving? I pleased to report that I ate moderately!  Then again, why wouldn’t my eating be just fine on a holiDAY? After all, a holiDAY is just another DAY.

I’ve found that one of the many awesome things about 12 Step recovery is that it works just fine EVERY DAY of the year.  “Even on a holiDAY?”, you ask. To which I respond, “Yes. Even on a holiDAY…Since a holiDAY is just another DAY.” Which means that when we have a program of recovery that helps us to eat sanely — one day at a time — it makes NO matter which “day” we’re following our program. Weekday or weekend day. Groundhog’s Day or a rainy day. Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years.

Our program of recovery (which is based on working the 12 Steps, as adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous) will work just fine on any of these days. Of course, we don’t work the 12 Steps in insolation — we work them while DAILY connecting to God and to other addicts.

When we feel overwhelmed by the stress or difficulties we face on a given day, we always have a right to work our program of recovery in incriments of LESS than just one day a time

We start with a commitment to eat sanely for just one minute.
Then we make it through five minutes.
Then we put several of those five minute incriments back-to-back and all of a sudden we’ve made it 30 minutes.
Then we find ourself making it through one hour.
The next thing you know, we’ve made it through 12 hours.
Double the 12 hours and you’ve made it one day.
And we only work at our recovery NO MORE THAN one day at a time.
And this concept and approach works quite well every day.

For more thoughts to help you work through unique challenges of the food-obsessed winter holiDAZE, be sure to check out this journal entry that I wrote in back in November 2007: