All of my previous blog entries that have discussed my experience with following Weight Watchers POINTS food plan have included only very positive of comments about this moderate, balanced guideline for eating.  But now I’m gonna’ spill the beans about a very real problem with this food plan: It is NOT optimized (in terms of the number of Target POINTS it allows each day) for person who weigh much more 340 pounds.  For those of us who weigh over 400 pounds, the upper limit of 44 Target POINTS/day just isn’t enough!

In fact, at that amount I’ve recently re-gained some weight.  When, following my dietician’s directions (she is also a certified dibetes educator), I added MORE points AND my weight LOSS resumed!  Yes: the less food I ate, the more weight I gained AND the more food that I ate the more weight I’ve lost.  I’m sure this sounds nuts to many of you, but it is TOTALLY TRUE and I have the documentation to prove it.

I don’t know about any other addict for whom their drug-of-choice is food, but to not just up my hands and walk away from Weight Watchers, while following their food plan AND re-gaining weight, took a lot of God’s grace along with maximum effort on my part!  Have you ever noticed that weight gain/re-gain is the PERFECT EXCUSE to overeat?  Duh.  But what does that accomplish?  Only MORE weight gain/re-gain!  I also don’t think I’m being unreasonable for Weight Watchers to have offer a food plan that IS optimized for somone MY size.  After all, they take MY money (and plenty of it, IMHO), so they SHOULD give me my money’s worth by offering a food plan that is totally healthy and apporiate for someone my size.

The botom line:   If you are following a food plan that is not optimized for someone your size it will slow down your metabolism and undermine your body’s ability to lose weight.  Before throwing in the towel and resuming insane overeating, I strongly suggest that you consult a dietician to make sure you are eating enough food each day so you can lose weight (and lose weight safely).

In my humble opinion, it’s past time for Weight Watchers big shots (e.g., management) need to pull their heads out of their butts and re-write the Weight Watchers POINTS food plan formula so it can be easily fine-tuned for persons in ALL sizes…not just the not-too-fat crowd that it seems the company is obsessed with marketing itself to.  Shoot, I’ve probably SPILLED more food than many W.W. members have overate!

Then again, W.W. is no worse than most of the “diet industry” that targets WOmen who probably need to lose to no more than 20 – 25 pounds.  What might work for them probably will NOT work for us morbidly obese, middle-age MALES.

At least I have a dietician/diebetes educator who is on-the-ball enough to know what changes needed to be made to my food plan.  And thankfully she did NOT advise me to eat less in order to lose weight.  😀