The last week of June I came down with a fever and some other symptoms that I assumed, at first, were signs that I had the flu.  My best friend wisely reminds me that I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on television. 😀 Sure enough, what I thought was the flu turned out to be something much worse!

I had noticed that the color of my urine was getting darker and darker and that my legs had more than doubled in size overnight.  At the urging of a neighbor,  I dialed 911 and was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.  I was admitted from the ER with the diagnosis that I had a “bizarre allergic reaction” to an antibiotic I had been taking — an allergic reaction that caused me to go into kidney failure (hence the black urine and the fluid retention in my legs — which lead to a 15 pound weight gain overnight). Weight gain?!? Yup…and we recovering food addicts know that weight gain in any amount is without a doubt our worst nightmare!

Thankfully all that weight I gained has been lost.  I came out of the kidney failure fairly quickly, but not without feeling like crap (what exactly does crap feel like, btw?) for several days.

This coming Monday will make three weeks since I was released from the hospital. The good news is that I’m doing much better now (Just as “Stella Got Her Groove Back”, so OveractiveFork is getting his groove back!) — though I still tire easily at times.

I promise to get back to posting on my “Dump Topics” soon and appreciate your patience as I continue to recover from my recent health crisis.

Only a food addict like moi would think to add…While the medical care I received during my recent hospitaization was excellent, the hospital food really sucked (with few exceptions).  😀