Reach Out To Other Men Who Share Your Addiction!I always welcome contact (though NOT necesarilly “belly-to-belly” contact as depicted in the picture on the left side of this page) from other men struggling with food addiction. I do NOT do my “recovery thing” alone — Both sharing my experience, strength and hope with other men who share my struggle (along with listening to the e/s/h of other male food addicts) is a high priority for me.

So keep in mind that I’m not just asking you to contact me for your sake. Indeed I want to reach out to other male food addicts in order to help myself! One of the many paradoxes of recovery is that we “Keep what we have only when we give it away”.

I’m avaialable for both e-mail and phone support. Please include your contact information in your message (when you leave a response below), if you would like to connect. Your contact information will NOT be posted anywhere on OveractiveFork and will be kept completely confidential.


4 Responses to “Men Seeking Support”

  1. croneandbearit Says:

    Hi – I stumbled on your blog and it helped me alot today. Okay, I’m not a male – but I’m struggling terribly with weight issues, and have been thinking of attending an OA meeting. Your blog has given me lots of good info and made me feel better, too. Too many people don’t understand food addiction and those of us who face it constantly need others who will listen and support and point us in the right direction. So, thanks! I’ll be back to visit again. Linda

  2. doctorzee Says:

    Woke up this morning sweating and thinking about how I am back into compulsive eating–have been for about 8 months. Stopped going to WW because tracking was a joke–couldn’t do it for more than one day after a meeting. Came across this blogsite and boy is this a place for me. I am a male compulsive eater. I had about 15 clean, sane years in Overeaters Anonymous, but now in retirement I am turning to food when bored, tired, and just because its there. Need support and daily reminders that I am not like my wife and other normal people who eat when hungry and don’t when they are not hungry.

  3. Matt Says:

    I’m a male and have struggled with compulsive eating and sex addiction. I’ve been in recovery from the sex addiction for 2 1/2 years and trying to deal with the food for a year now. I managed to lose 65 lbs last year, but returned to the compulsive behavior in August and gained 35 back. I’m back on track now, and I know I need to go deeper and deal with the underlying issues in my addictions, and could really use the support of another male dealing with this.

  4. zenguy1122 Says:

    I have been out of work for a year now due to some personal difficulties with addiction. I am sober now and back on track with a great new job as an addictions counselor. During the last year I put on 40 pounds by eating ouf of boredom and self pity. I had to buy new pants and shirts to wear to work. I am looking for other men who struggle with the same issues. I fully intend to make this job the best and most productive I have ever had. I do not want eating and weight to get in my way. Any help would be appreciated.

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