I’ve heard it said that “when our thinkin’ is stinkin’, we’re headin’ for overeatin'”. For me I know this to be true!  I have to feed more than just my body in order to remain in recovery — I also have to feed my spirit (with the practice of my spiritualiy) and my mind (with hearing and reading sane thinking) in order for me to eat sanely and exercise moderately — One Day At A Time.

To help feed my mind with sane thoughts, I write down a couple each day on my recovery journal sheet.  Some of these come from meditation books I read, others from what I’ve heard around 12 Step meetings and still others I’ve heard and read through my interaction with Weight Watchers.  On rare occasion, these thoughts come from me — after I’ve had time to reflect on someone else’s thought and attempted to apply their thought to my recovery process.

This page within my blog will contain the “sane thoughts” that have helped me over the years — sane thoughts that I hope will also help other food addicts. During 2010 I plan to add to this page on at least a weekly basis — so please check back often!

My suggestion is that you take a jar (or some sort of container with a lid) to use as your “Vitamin Jar”.  Once you have your container (go ahead and get creative: make a colorful label for it!), then write out the various thoughts you’ll find on this page on small strips of paper (one thought per strip of paper).  These thoughts then become “vitimins” to strengthen your mental/emotional recovery.

After you have a few dozen thoughts written down, then start pulling out one thought each day (at the start of your day works best for most addicts) and you will be surprised how often that the thought you pulled out for that day is exactly what you needed, given the circumstances you’ll face that day.  Even if it doesn’t directly apply to a particular day’s events, the thought you pull out of your Recovery Vitiman Jar will still “feed” your mind’s need for sane thoughts that will help chase away the INsane thoughts that accompanied your addiction.

— “Recovery begins with surrender.”
— “We must surrender in order to win”
— “My clickers” don’t “click” to let me know when my body is “full” of food.  My food plan tells me what “full” looks like and feels like.
— “I must ACT my way to right thinking, instead of thinking my way to right acting.”
— To “ACT” means to DO JUST the NEXT RIGHT thing.”

— Failing to (consiously) plan = planning (subconsciously) to fail.
— F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real
— “Fear is the darkroom where negatives are developed.”
— “We came.  We came to. We came to believe.”
— “Nothing ever changes until it becomes what it is.”


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