Overactive ForkWelcome to my blog, which is cleverly titled Overeactive Fork (”As a matter of fact, I don’t have an ‘underactive thyroid’, instead I have an ‘overactive fork.’”).

This is a space for me to reflect on my recovery from what I call my double-sided addiction of food addiction and exercise avoidance — and all from a uniquely MALE perspective!

Yes, we men also struggle with “weight problems” just like women do — even though most self-help groups for food addicts and the diet industry act as if we male food addicts don’t even exist. Sure, a few for-profit businesses are finally marketing directly to overweight men (e.g., Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers come to mind), but neither of these businesses truly seem to understand the addictive nature of our problem.

Because of my desire to share my recovery with, as well as receive support from, MEN who struggle with food addiction and related issues, I began One Bite Fellowship in the fall of 1996. What started as an e-mail group for many years included a website and on occasion included face-to-face support group meetings in Louisville, Kentucky. Our website will re-launch in October 2009.

As of this update (1/12/10), I’ve released a total 101 pounds of excess weight. I’d like to release an additional 74 pounds.

I release my excess weight the same way I gained it: one pound at a time. My recovery from my addiction takes place one bite and one day at a time. The rate of my weight loss is none of my business and it sure isn’t the business of any other addict. The rate of my weight loss is the business of God and the health care professionals who assist in my recovery effort.

To achieve my weight release, I take the following actions:

— Work a 12 Step program of recovery while…
— Following the Weight Watchers’ POINTS food plan, with the supervision of a dietician, while I…
— Exercise moderately as prescribed by a health care professional, while I also…
— Share my recovery with other addicts.

I definitely do not work at my recovery isolated from others! Instead I seek the support of fellow addicts (addicts of every sort — NOT just food addicts) and consult, as needed, with my primary care physician, a physical therapist, a mental health therapist and a dietician who has a thorough knowledge of diabetes. I was diagnozed with diabetes early in 2006.

F.Y.I.: Please do NOT assume that I’m anti-carb just because a graphic on this page shows spaghetti dangling from a fork! In fact, I’m anything but anti-carb. Adkins dieters (and other anti-carbohydrate extremists) and I have very DIFFERENT views of what constitutes healthy eating! My view: VIVA LA CARBS!!!

My thoughts about nutrition are pretty much in agreement with the Weight Watchers’ POINTS food plan. Namely I believe that moderation and balance is important to long-term weight loss success. Therefore (unless told otherwise by a health care professional) I do not put any food totally off limits…not even SPAGHETTI! -)

So grab a Diet Coke (which happens to be my beverage of choice) or whatever else suits your fancy and sit back and enjoy the read!


One Response to “Start Here”

  1. I have stumbled across your blog by happenstance and I am glad I did. I have an overactive fork as well. My wife has tried to teach me the benefits of moderation but so far, it is a lesson I have not learned. Some day soon, I hope.

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