When I use the phrase (as in the subject line of this message) “Carbohydrate-Phobic Food Nazis”, I am NOT (repeat: NOT) — in any way, shape or form — talking about members of the Nazi organization, skinheads or other racist groups. Understood?

Instead the phrase in the subject line of this post refers to food addicts for whom ONLY ONE food plan exists (which is ALWAYS the one they are following — how convenient!) that the rest of us food addicts MUST be following if we are “really serious” about our recovery.  These nut jobs are not above shaming, shunning and degrading anyone who would dare to disagree with them. If they were not so extreme in their tactics and insane in their beliefs I doubt I would feel the level of anger I do about them.  I also realize that FEAR of these people also tiggers my anger toward them. I mostly fear the physical, emotional and spiritual damage they do to newcomers to 12 Step recovery.

These “craziest-of-the-crazies” food addicts can be found within the meetings of Overeaters Anonymous and many other so-called 12 Step fellowships. At least in the case of OA, they do NOT represent the official (let alone the best) thinking of that fellowship. These extremists are (at the most) a “cult” within OA, far removed from the mainstream of OA thought and practice.

Many of these carb-phobic folks identify themselves as being part of the “H.O.W. Movement”, which is an outrageous abuse  of the 12 Step acronym “H.O.W.”, which stands for the three foundations of authentic recovery: Honesty, Openmindedness and Willingness. The inference the control freaks are making is that ONLY THEY are “honest, openminded and willing” and rest of us are just deluding ourselves because we don’t follow their sicko food plan. Talk about elitist nonsense!

Other than the issues identified above, why do these Carbohydrate-Phobic Food Nazis upset me so much? Probably because they prey on the vulnerability of newcomers to OA and other 12 Step fellowships. Newcomers desperate to find answers and hope to overcome their addiction.

They also make me angry because I’ve found out their food plan(s) (it comes in various versions, but virtually all can be traced back to the original Gray Sheet Food Plan that came from an OA member around 1962) is UNhealthy and can even be harmful to one’s physical health if followed for any significant period of time. Their food plan is RIGID and NOT scientifically or medically sound for most individuals. It is based on, at best, superstition. Remember that superstition is “an irrational belief or practice resulting from ignorance”!

Thankfully I’m following a food plan today that has been designed by health care professionals (not irrational addicts determined to control my food intake, who can’t keep their own food intake under control) based on my unique medical history and health concerns. At the same time, I don’t demand any other addict follow my food plan. I know their is a God and it is not me! Thankfully I’m part of Weight Watchers, as imperfect as that organization is, they at least strive to be on top of the latest medical research when it comes to nutrition and weight loss.

The idea that a fellow food addict would attempt to dictate to another adherance to a particular food plan is just plain NUTS! I would trust another food addict to tell me how much and what (and what not) to eat as I would trust a pyromaniac to work as a firefighter! Food addicts in control of other food addicts food intake is dangerous, scary and even has the potential of being deadly!

So yes, I’m going to speak out against the dangerous insanity of Carbohydrate-Phobic Food Nazis! I’m going to proclaim “freedom to those held captive” by the superstition of cabrohydrate phobia and to indiviudals who have been emotinoally and spiritually abused by the people who promote one or another version of the dangerous Gray Sheet Food Plan (regardless of the name it goes by in a particular fellowship or 12 Step group).


I don’t like to give public feedback to what folks publicly write in response to my blog. I’d rather respond privately for fear of embarrassing anyone. But embarrass or not, I just gotta’ respond to the dear lady who shared about being part of Compulsive Eaters Anonymous – H.O.W. fellowship (her comments are posted elsewhere on OveractiveFork) and trying to avoid foods with refined carbohydrates (as is required by this and some other 12 Step groups that deal with food addiction).

We Don't Need Judgmental 12 Steppers Any More Than We Need Judgmental "Earth People"

"People Who Judge Don't Matter. People Who Matter Don't Judge."

First, I beg you to GET AWAY FROM (and get away from) AS FAST AS YOU CAN) any 12 Step group that would attempt to dictate your food plan!!! This should ONLY be done by a health care professional and NEVER done by a fellow addict, a groups of fellow addicts or even a whole fellowship of fellow addicts!!!

When it comes to 12 Step groups that demand you ONLY share “positive thoughts”? What a crock! In authentic 12 Step recovery we get honest about/face/embrace and then release our pain and suffering. Sharing ONLY “positive” things in meetings is NOT being REAL about the anguish that our disease causes us! The reality is that many moments during our recovery process will be less than “positive”! Authentic recovery requires CHANGE and change can be PAINFUL (though it is usually far LESS painful than our addiction).

We abused ourselves enough through acting out our food addiction (and for some of us, also through acting out our exercise avoidance addiction). I do not need any 12 Step group (or group member[s]) to abuse me anymore than I’ve already abused myself!  IMHO, these carbohydrate-phobic groups (and the individuals who can’t seem to find recovery without them) are DANGEROUS to our wellbeing. They are BAD news, through and through!

I could go on and on about the dangers of these groups and the harm that their approach to recovery poses to those who adhere to their brand of insanity. But to “cut to the chase”, let me just say that if you can’t find someone in one of these groups that has long-lasting recovery (e.g., two years or more of consecutive recovery), that alone should serve as a testimony to the FACT that what they offer is bogus, toxic and totally BAD news!

My experience around these carb-phobic folks is that it is rare to find anyone who has more than three to six months continuous recovery in these groups. You might find some impressive weight loss among some of these individuals, but the majority maintain any weiight loss for only a short amount of time — just like we experienced with dieting.  I don’t know about you, but I’m wanting a substantially BETTER result than I had with dieting!  Dieting is NO way to have to live.